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FAQ - packages from EU

I want to send a package from the European mainland. How does your service works?

  • You order your desired goods online (orders from friends are also possible)
  • Register the packet in our system
  • The goods will be sent to our warehouse
  • We will notify you upon receiving your packet in our warehouse
  • You let us know if your order consists of multiple packages.
  • We determine the final price of the transportation and provide to you, a modified price offer.
  • After receiving your payment we will send the packages to your address

How much does a package costs from the European mainland?

The prices break down as follows:

Total price = price + Transport Forwarding package

For each incoming packet , a piece of flat rate of € 6.90 will be charged.
The calculation of transport costs is based on the total weight of all packages in the shipment (groupage).
Here you will find a price example for collecting shipments

Why does it exist for packets coming from the EU a separate cost for the handling and for the transportation?

The separation of transport costs and routing costs for the customer allows a simple calculation of consolidated shipments and guaranteeing a fair and reasonable price for groupage transport.

How to calculate the Handling fee?

For each incoming packet piece a flat rate of € 6.90 will be charged.

This price includes the following services:

    • Receiving in our warehouse
    • Safe keeping of your packet inside our warehouse
    • Automatic insurance of your packet up to 500€
    • Storage (free of charge up to 2 weeks)

More details can be found here

How to calculate the transport cost?

The calculation of transportation costs is based on the dimensions and the total weight of the delivery of packets.
We collect the goods and when all goods have arrived in our warehouse, we determine the most cost-effective transport for your shipment.

More details and a table of all transportation costs, click here.

Is it possible to have a summarized cost for multiple packets?

Yes for packets coming from the European mainland to our warehouse in Germany, we can make a summarized transportation cost for Greece. For more information, click here.

Are there restrictions on who can send to the postal address of Transport-to-Greece?

There are no restrictions on who is allowed to use our service of Transport-to-Greece for sending packets within the EU.

How long does it take on average for my packet to arrive in Greece?

We at Transport-to-Greece try our best to offer competitive prices in combination with fast delivery. We aim to deliver your package within 10 business days of receipt in our warehouse to you - this timeout may vary depending on the final destination.

Are my goods insured?

The standard price for the forwarding and transport of package insurance is up to 500€ surcharge per package included. More information can be found here.

I want to carry something very heavy or bulky. Is this possible or there is a weight/size limit?

There are no size or weight restrictions for your products! We transport everything - from small package of 5 kg up to a truck load at 24000 kg.

Έφτασε το πακέτο μου χτυπημένο και φθαρμένο! Το αντικείμενο που παρέλαβα έχει υποστεί ζημία! Τι κάνω τώρα;

Όπως αναφέραμε, είστε καλυμμένοι αυτόματα για κάθε μεταφορά που εκτελούμε για εσάς έως εμπορεύματα αξίας 500€!

Σημαντική υποσημείωση: Για να μπορέσουμε να αναλάβουμε την ευθύνη και να διερευνήσουμε το θέμα της ζημιάς του πακέτου σας, ώστε να μπορέσουμε να σας παρέχουμε την ασφάλιση, θα πρέπει κατά την παραλαβή του πακέτου σας να δηλώσετε ότι το δέμα έχει υποστεί ζημία! Έχετε κάθε δικαίωμα να τσεκάρετε το πακέτο σας κατά την άφιξη του από την courier και για οποιαδήποτε φθορά η ζημία εντοπίσετε, να το αναγράψετε στο voucher και να το επιστρέψετε πίσω, να μην το δεχτείτε και άμεσα να μας ενημερώσετε! Εφόσον όμως το παραλάβετε και υπογράψετε κατά την παραλαβή του πακέτου, δεν φέρουμε ουδεμία ευθύνη από εκεί και ύστερα!! Από την στιγμή που το πακέτο περιέλθει στην κατοχή σας και έπειτα μας καλέσετε να μας ενημερώσετε για τυχόν ζημία, δεν θα μπορέσουμε να σας εξυπηρετήσουμε.

Is it possible to send to any other country apart from Greece?

Our service is designed specifically for Greece. However, on request we also deliver to Cyprus and Israel.

Do you also deliver to the Greek islands?

Yes, we also deliver on all Greek islands and hard to reach areas in mainland Greece.
Prices shown are for delivery in the entire Greek mainland.
However deliveries to Greek Islands and hard to reach areas, have an added charge of 5€

Are all packets are delivered to my door?

Packets that belong up to the category of the "Large" Packet (25kg) are delivered exactly to your door step.
Packets that are on a bigger scale than that, have to picked up by you from one of our warehouses in Greece, either Thessaloniki or in Athens, where it is more preferable by you.

Is Transport-to-Greece a legitimate delivery address?

Absolutely. The Transport-to-Greece address is a regular EU postal address of the warehouse. It is not a PO Box.

I have a big packet or a palette (>25kg) and I can’t pick it myself from your warehouse. Is it still possible to send it to my own address?

As been said packets up to 25kg are delivered by default to your address. Still if you have a bigger packet than that and still require a delivery to your address, we can arrange that, by an added cost which will be derived by one of our external transportation company associate.

What if the supplier requires a phone number?

If the phone number is a required field, you may like to use the phone number of the transport -to- Greece warehouse: Phone : +49 8033 30230 61

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