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FAQ – Collection Order

How does ordering multiple packages works?

  • you order your goods online (orders for friends is also available)
  • Report the packages in our system
  • The goods will be sent to our warehouse
  • we will report the receipt of shipments
  • You let us know of how many packets your order consists
  • we determine the final price of transport and provide an invoice
  • after receipt of payment we will send the packages to your address

More details can be found here

What is a Multiple Packages shipment?

Collection programs are programs which consist of two or more packages and are summarized by Transport- to-Greece for a cost-effective transportation to a delivery address. For more info you can check here.

How to calculate the total price of multiple packets using the Transport-to-Greece service?

The prices break down as follows:

Total price = price + Transport Forwarding package

For each incoming packet , a piece of flat rate of € 6.90 will be charged.
The calculation of transport costs is based on the total weight of all packages in the shipment (groupage).
Here you will find a price example for collecting shipments

How to calculate the forwarding fee?

For each incoming packet piece a flat rate of € 6.90 will be charged.
This price includes the following services:

  • Receiving in our warehouse
  • Safe keeping into our warehouse
  • Storage (free of charge up to 2 weeks)
  • Automatic insurance of the packet up to 500€

More info can be found here.

How to calculate the transport cost?

The calculation of transportation costs is based on the dimensions and the total weight of the delivery of packages.
When all of your goods have arrived in our warehouse, we determine the most cost-effective transport for your shipment.

More info can be found here.

Can also give a collective order for me and for friends?

Yes, of course, can also give different people a common collective order, thus saving transportation costs.
Prerequisite: package applications can come from different people. The transport destination and the payment of transportation must be expressed in a single address.

How long can I collect packages?

Goods can be collected basically unlimited in our warehouse. Up to a storage time of 2 weeks, the storage is free. If you require a larger period than the 2 week default time, it is possible through a discussion with one of our member staff.

Are there restrictions when collecting the goods?

In principle there is no limitation for the collection. However, there are limitations in the transport of goods. The following goods are not allowed to be transported:
• Explosives
• weapons or weapons parts
• Flammable material
• radioactive substances
• corrosive substances
• Dry Ice
• compressed gases
• poisons
• counterfeit products
• cigars, cigarettes and other tobacco products
• Antiques and art objects
• pornographic material
• Activated credit cards
• Money and valuables
• perishable food
• Animals and plants
• Gold , platinum, diamonds and other precious stones
• biohazard material
• Blood or drugs
• goods which are easily destroyed
• Goods that are not accepted by the ELTA
• Goods that are not accepted by IATA

From which countries can I collect packages?

Goods will be sent to our warehouse in Germany which can also be collected. Many online shops from the mainland EU (Germany, France, Italy, etc) offer free or low-cost shipment to Germany.

Special Note:
The transport of goods from Great Britain in our German warehouse is often very expensive. For this reason, we have created a special transportation service for the UK.

Can I make multiple orders from UK?

Shipments from the United Kingdom will be picked up by the consignor and brought directly to Greece. For this reason multiple collection of products from the UK, is not possible.

I have registered a package. How do I continue from here?

After registering your package into our site, then you are almost done! After that we wait until we get your package at our warehouse in Germany. When it arrives, we inform you later or either by writing or by telephone to its arrival, the exact dimensions and weight as well and we finally give you an estimated time of arrival in Greece. If you are waiting for several packages in our warehouse, you inform us about that and their exact number and you let us know to wait until all of them arrive so we can make a single transport for all of them. After that again, we let you know about their estimated arrival time in Greece and we require the payment for the transport expenses to be made, if you have chosen as a payment method PayPal, or through by bank transfer.

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